Pinterest tells me that the festival of orange, green and purple is near. (It also suggests I might like to look at pies and David Tennant. Which is crazy. I’ve seen about two David Tennant shows.)

If you’re a wizard at crafts then presumably this is CrazyFunTime for you. If you’re a wizard at crafts (and, specifically, crafts relating to the age of your kids) then you must also be coolest parent/guardian ever.

The USA know how to do Hallowe’en. they go all out on apple-bobbing, trick-or-treating, elaborate costumes, pumpkin pie, ghost trains, haunted houses, headless horsemen*, scary stories, scary dares and Hershey’s and dentists nationwide rub their hands with glee.

(*Incidentally these guys must’ve been over the moon with the advent of satnav.)

This is the UK equivalent.

This is the homemade UK equivalent.