Remembrance is fairly tricky to comprehend if you’re under ten. Very tricky to understand if you’re under five.

It’s fairly tricky if you’re over ten, have responsibility for someone(s) under ten and they have trouble with timescales.

Which is why Daddy went to the local Remembrance ceremony and everyone else stayed at home. 

Not everyone was wearing clothes at 1100hrs. Some may even have been wearing jam. (Not a reenactment of any bloodied battle scene, just breakfast.) However, the spirit of remembrance (we think) is in the joyfulness of generations now and in the future, and in the fight for peace. It’s certainly in Rowdy & The Bobcat at home playing and learning about how we share a planet and not bawling and bored to distraction in a ceremonial silence. 

Which is why it’s OK to just be wearing strawberry jam.

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