Rowdy&TheBobcat is about two small children and was created by Finn Straife (Catapult Cartoons) as a creative outlet and sanity preserver. It’s about parenting. It’s about making it up as you go along. Much of Rowdy&TheBobcat is a blob of fact, a quart of what if? and a dollop of fantasy. Because imagination is cheaper than other survival techniques.




Likes: olives; being a girl because that is best; books; maths; gherkins; philosophy and; anything shiny.

Dislikes: cooked peppers; insubordination.

Preferred Grown-Up Occupation: Tooth Fairy with “step-shoes” and a clipboard.

Rowdy was quite enjoying being The Main Event when the (in her opinion) Windows Vista equivalent of a human being was installed. Initially, this was very pleasing and she and her new minion got along like a veritable Famous Five picnic. Now there is not a day without a pummel, wallop or tumble although she wouldn’t be without her best brother.



Likes: farms; farm vehicles; farm animals; COWS; ice cream; keeping his feet warm; dinosaurs; After Eight mints.

Dislikes: discipline; tidying-up; washing hands; butternut squash; real animals within 40feet of him.

Preferred Grown-Up Occupation: Farmer With No Animals.

Until he was 18months old The Bobcat was a very placid, docile being quite contented with his main activities of gnawing on things and being plump. Then he had an enlightening session with his therapist/union rep, Mr Beefy Cow, realised he didn’t have to comply any more and has been rebelling ever since. He is very happy.

Finn Straife is the author and illustrator of Rowdy&TheBobcat and part-time maker of babies (retired). She also, unashamedly, has The Stick Song as her ringtone.

Finn has liked pencils and words for a very long time. She runs Catapult Cartoons which you can go and check out on Facebook and Instagram and maybe order some illustrations.


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