Are you a parent? An uncle? An auntie? A child-minding cousin? A grandparent? A nursery nurse? A school teacher?

Then Rowdy&TheBobcat has something you can relate to. In fact, it probably has loads you can relate to. It may even have posts where you can show your kid/grown-up bairn/short, aspiring dictator “See this? This is you.”. (Pictures can speak a thousand words. It’s all about communication, folks. Oh, and self-awareness.)

This stuff is real and it’s human and it’s tough. It’s mind-bending trying to nurture small folk, isn’t it? Likewise, having interviewed several small folk (often under protest – me, not them) it’s tough being three, it’s tough being given spaghetti after you asked for it for tea but then changed your mind to jamsandwich-with-the-crusts-cut-off while it was being made. And do not even get them started on trying to train a parent. Niiiiightmaaaarrre.

So if you want a break from the day/night/indeterminate-because-you’ve-lost-all-sense-of-time and want to indulge in some reflection on the human condition, solidarity, relatable times then please scroll on.

Catapult Cartoons was originally a merry offshoot from Rowdy&The Bobcat but has grown into a business itself. It’s content is more varied than Rowdy&TheBobcat for those that want their illustrations a little less ‘parenty’. It also does bespoke illustrations so please visit Catapult Cartoons on Facebook to take a look and make an enquiries.