Graffiti #2

A very brief stop in Windermere took us to Brambles Tea Room where (apart from the friendly service, tasty grub and accommodating locals who didn’t mind porridge-clad children reaching round them for dominoes) the toilets had a message:

A message that Rowdy then critiqued (obvs):

“Girls are always right.

Except Evie.

And Izzy.

And Freya.

Aaaaand Granny. And Starfire from Teen Titans. And Peppa Pig – she’s wrong like ALLTHETIME. And Ladybug ooOOh, and that lady in the chip shop…”

Girls aren’t always right.

Rowdy is always right.


Rowdy has issues with authority.

Anyone challenging her authority, for instance.

The Scouts meet up for a water fight. (There’s a water fight badge?) What’s the best part of the water fight? What’s the curl-your-toes-with-excitement bit that gets the kids launching themselves to reach the balloons?

The rules and regulations.


Not only will Rowdy marshal as an automatic kneejerk response but she will then hold to account any scout flouting said rules and regulations. This is probably EVEN MORE FUN than the actual water fight, you clueless barbaric rebels.

Hey, Rowds. There isn’t a clipboard badge either.

*I am almost 99% sure that Pinky & The Brain could’ve taken over the world if The Brain had only had a bulldog-clip clipboard.